Hi there, welcome to MILF Sexapades… my anoymous blog dedicated to sharing my various sex related stories and my personal growth in this new found life of singledom.

Now to demystify me…. I’m Miss M, a 30 something year old newly single mama of 2. I was in an 11 year relationship and was even married for over 6 years. I realized I was in a verbally abusive relationship late in the game and realized I was no longer happy. Taking the step to leave was a long and hard one – but I finally did it.


From being newly single – I have become a very sexually active person, probably the result of 11 years of sex suppression / being put down by my ex. I want to experiment everything to know what I like and dislike, and get to know my body more. Embrace my curvy me and accept crap from no one… That being said, my adventures / bucket list could possibly be things you have never considered or even frown upon. I simply ask that you don’t judge. I have had a very limited vanilla sex life – only slept with 2 guys (including my ex husband) and I have never been crazy about sex what-so-ever. (though I feel that will do a complete 180)

Please understand that you are here by choice.  If you prefer not knowing what is going on, then I would suggest you close this tab on your browser. I most certainly don’t want to offend anyone in the process and I will write detailed posts and filter almost nothing. I am here to express my personal growth after my separation as well as experimenting sexually… in hopes that it can help other women in similar situations.

Happy reading – and feel free to share with your family & friends.
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