The sexapade bucket list

  • Oral Orgasm
    Oh my gee… what have I been missing all my life?! 
  • Car sex
    While this was quite restraining, it was exciting.

  • Shower sex
    While I loved shower sex, it can be quite complicated. I am not very tall and aligning doesn’t come easily.

  • Bath Sex
    This was fun, but I didn’t really feel much. I guess creating tidal waves isn’t the best idea… so I had to limit my movements.

  • Pool / Hot Tub Sex
  • Motel / Hotel Sex 

  • Phone / Skype Sex 

  • Sex standing up against a wall
  • Tied up sex 

  • Light Choking / Spanking
    At first I thought that choking would be a turn off but it actually excited me so much I would climax 2x faster.
    Need to experiment with this more.

  • Blindfolded
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE being blindfolded. The anticipation of whats coming drives me up the walls.

  • Feather ticklers 

  • Period sex
    I’m not sure I loved this. It’s messy… but the sex seemed to be a bit better.
  • Sex with food (chocolate, whip cream etc.)
    I loved this. It really turned me on. Gotta try it again. 
  • Sex in a public place
  • Sex at a drive-in
  • A quickie in a skirt / dress
    Got this done at the same time as the car sex.

  • Sex in the rain
  • Using ice sexually
    This was rather interesting. I liked it.

  • Silent sex in a full house
  • Mile-high club
  • Be a voyeur and watch others having sex
  • Stripe tease (with stripper pole)
  • Double penetration
  • Altered Sex (alcohol)
    I don’t get drunk often, but it seriously was the best sex. Can’t wait to try this one again. 
  • Altered Sex (drugs)
    I tried sex high on weed and LOVED it, but would like to try something a little stronger.
  • Sex with someone much older
    He was 9 years older. 
  • Sex with someone younger (more than 5 years)
    11 years younger and by far the best sex I have had. OMFG. 
  • One-on-one with a Girl
  • Female / Female / Male Threesome
  • Female / Male / Male Threesome
  • Group Sex (4 or more)
  • Role play (still undecided which type)


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