The plateau phenomenon

Being an extremely horny lady, I tend to masturbate quite a bit. As in like 5x a week and usually more than once per “session”. Yes, it may seem like that is a lot, but the benefits of masturbating for me are rather quite positive. I am in a more relaxed, happier mood and feel like I can tackle my day (as I tend to have a morning session) with some sort of “positive attitude” and spike in energy. Who needs coffee?!

Given that I have two kids, it’s hard to actually have a proper masturbating session so it needs to be a sped up version. I know this isn’t ideal because you want to be able to enjoy it without added pressure of kids sneaking in on you… but speed also leads to another problem. Since I can remember, I have always used an object to masturbate. I never liked getting my fingers “wet” so it started with a pillow, then I moved to Crayola markers (I kid you not) and then the shower head. It’s after I started dating my ex-husband was I introduced to vibrators. Life changing for me. He even gifted me my first bullet vibrator. I realized then that I needed clit stimulation and lots of it to come close to climaxing.

vh8yikobu_0-jeremy-ricketts (1).jpg

When I was searching for new toys to add to my collection because I had literally burn the motors on two of my vibrators, I found some really powerful “tools”. When I received them I was excited to test them out. I got a standard bullet vibrator and the amazing Hitachi Magic Wand. They are great indeed and I can climax with them rather rapidly (because kids) but with my multiple sessions my body is becoming used to it and my clit is getting desensitized because of it.

So, I did go on a masturbating purge (yes it is as horrible as it sounds)… because when I would have sex with an actual penis, climaxing was almost inexistant. I needed to finish off with my toys and while it’s not a big deal, the TIME it would take for me to come close to climaxing when a guy would go down on me would be a good 45 mins. NO JOKE.😭  I just wanted normal sex (then again what is normal these days?!) I wanted synchronized orgasms – are those a myth???

I know, us women, tend to be in our heads so it may be a combination of my lack of sensitivity down there and my head but regardless the problem is still there. They call this the Plateau Phenomenon. The plateau phenomenon is when your body is so used to something it not longer acts the way it should. So you have to resort to other means, or try new things to make the area sensitive again.

So for the new year, and yes I have decided to make one sex goal (apart from my on-going sex bucket list) I think I may need to start learning about my body in a non vibrating way. Touch myself in ways I have never before and try to really get in-tune with my mind to get to that right “state of mind”. Really focus on knowing the spots that really turn me on enough to climax.

I have looked into non-vibrating dildos, but am unsure if would work for me. But I guess I would need to try to know. Someone talked to me about the Joy VSculpt. It’s a Pelvic Floor Toning Device for Vaginal Rejuvenation Therapy and while it may not help with my desensitized clitoris, it may help tone the interior of my vagina to help reach those vaginal orgasms better (and reduce my over wetness

I am hopeful! 2017 is about increasing my orgasms… #sexgoals


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