29 – Car sex with Mr. Police officer 

(date: april 2015)

With all the sexting with Mr. West Coast and looking forward to our hotel meet up the coming weekend, I completely forgot about Mr. Police Officer. Our sex date was decided on so quickly that there wasn’t much to do, except wait. Thankfully he messaged me suggesting I wear a skirt / dress to facilitate our car sex otherwise I would have forgotten about our meet up. Now due to our conflicting schedules and the fact that my kid-free time was pretty booked ahead of time (and no I am not just talking about more sexapades – I do have a life other than sex surprisingly) I had to squeeze him in between the end of my work day and my dinner with a girl friend. Yes, I kid you not. It was the only time that worked plus that is how bad I wanted to have sex with the cop and car sex on top of that. (more precisely successful car sex unlike what I had with Mr. Greek Geek)

The meet time was 4:30 in the parking lot of an abandoned retired home. He suggested the location because he patrolled the area and knew it was a pretty dead space and it being light outside we needed to be as discreet as possible. The work day was passing by so slowly. I felt like the clock was actually going back in time. But, he did a great job at keeping me entertained throughout the day making sure I was hot and ready when we finally met. The clock hit 4:26 and I decide to leave work. I could no longer contain myself. My panties were already wet and I was super excited about our sex date. I asked him what car I needed to look for so I could park next to it and hop in. We never met prior. Only chatted and exchanged pictures… I really hoped that he would deliver. He often praised himself for his sex… so I was looking forward to that. Who wouldn’t?!

I turned in the parking lot and saw his SUV in the distance. I made sure to pop in a gum for that extra fresh breath and parked right next to him. I messaged him (because you know that’s what you do) to tell him I was here (obviously) and he lowered his window and signs me to hop in. This scene looked like one in the movies, you know when the cop is in an abandoned parking lot and asks a hooker to hop right in… obviously not a hooker though, but I’m sure you can picture it. I get out of my car and head to his. I open the door, sit, smile and say hello. He wasn’t dressed in the best way possible… army pants. Pink fucking army pants. My vagina squealed a little but I told myself I wasn’t fucking his pants, it was what was inside of the pants that counted. At this moment I realized that what I man wore actually had a rather big impact on the sexy factor. Definitely learned something right there.

We had 4 mins of small talk… and he says “so, are we doing this?!” I smiled and nodded. He leaned forward and his lips met mine. We kissed slowly but the pace increased rather rapidly. He put his fingers in my hair and slightly pulled on them. I knew he meant business. He leaned over me and touched my thigh and slowly using the tip of his fingers found his way under my dress. He touched my panties “oh lace?!” he exclaimed as a small side smirk appeared on his face. I remembered him telling me he loved lace thongs so that’s exactly what I wore. Even if I knew they wouldn’t stay on long. To his surprise, I was already wet. Yes, this is a common thing with me.

He got up and went to sit in the back and told me to join him. Even though you’d think there was lots of room his is Mazda SUV you are mistaken. Clearly not designed with the intent to have back seat car sex. Right before I make my way to the back seat I remove my panties. Easy access as he once told me.

We continue kissing and touching each other. I could feel the bulge in his pants. I decide to lower his zipper to give him more “room”. Before I knew it, he has lowered his pants to his knees. “Do you like what you see?!” (Side note : I always hate that question. What if i don’t. I pick up my things and go?! A penis is a penis. It’s what you do with it that counts) so I smile and nod. Probably not the reaction he was expecting but I didn’t care. I pull out a condom and tell him I’m ready to slip on. That I was overly wet and ready to feel him inside me. He bit his lip. Took the condom and did what he had to do.

The logistics of car sex is anything but sexy. Finding the right position, angle… deemed more complicated than I thought. I tried sitting on him but my head would hit the roof of the car so instead we reversed cowgirl. It felt nice. It was sex. But I won’t lie and say that I knew I wouldn’t come close to getting an orgasm. I rode him like a champ, the angle made it easy to use my legs in the rocking. I was going at it so much that the car was massively rocking. He constantly needed to tell me to slow down otherwise someone would call the cops on us. So I did just that… slowed down.

As things were building up and borderline near the finale (his not mine) we notice a cop car coming in the parking lot. “What are they doing here?! They never come here” he says. I could see the fear in his eyes about getting caught. But I didn’t stop … I had dinner plans with a girl friend and this needed to end… soonish.

I think the excitement of not getting caught really made the experience soooooo much better. Having car sex with a cop with cops a few feet away from us. “Slow down, slow down…. ohhhhhhhh” and he came. Just like that, without notice. I smiled. In content that I was a little rebellious – not usually my thing. But it was fabulous and I wanted more of that. I felt like the adrenaline kicked in full force you know, for doing things a little “out of the law.”

We stayed still, both of us catching our breaths and I slowly slipped off. I look at him with a smirk and look for my panties to quickly put them back on. We didn’t really exchange much conversation after that point… so I knew, it was a one time thing and quite frankly I was okay with that. I had to look at the bright side of things, at least I was able to check off having successful car sex and sex with a cop (newly added to the list).

I get in my car, freshen up with baby wipes (always very handy) and make my way to dinner with my girl friend. I decided at that moment that I would tell her, about my blog, my adventures and that I was certain the night would be a rather interesting one. So much sex on my brain. Milf Sexapades… and the next one was just a few days away.


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