Revamping my sex blog 

Hi everyone! Remember me?! Yes, Miss M, reporting from what has been a way too long hiatus. Yes… life got in the way. I ended up dating one of my sexapades guys but decided to call it quits. So here I am, newly single and ready for more. More sexapades, more items on my bucket list, more men. Lots and lots of men. 😝

I decided to revive this blog of mine because let’s be honest, I have way too many stories to share… but before I get to writing, I wanted to tell you that the blog is newly revamped (you may of noticed. Or not) and I decided to make this space not only about my stories but also about what I have learned. Sharing my knowledge whether it be about blowjobs, toys, how to maintain a healthy friends with benefits relationship or how to master the body selfie… I want this space to bring you perspective. Enticing you to try new things in a healthy and fun environment. 

So stay tuned. Lots of great stuff in store and if ever you have suggestions… suggest away. Whether it be a comment. An email. Or even a message via facebook.

Are you ready?! I know I am … 


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