Having someone watch

Last night, I did something I never thought I’d be able to do. It’s nothing over the top to be quite honest and I’ve know some who have done it but for me it was kind of a big deal. I won’t go into details as to who I did it with because its’s secondary and let’s be honest I haven’t blogged about this person yet. (side note: I’m really really really behind … did I say really?! I apologize…)

I’ve had people talk to me about masturbating in front of someone, having them watch while you get yourself off…I never understood what the big fuss was about. Maybe because I am not that type of person? What is that type? someone who loves the idea of others watching them, analyzing them while they do something extremely intimate and knowing that the other person is getting aroused watching.

I for one, consider myself to be pretty private when it comes to masturbating. Not in the sense of not talking about it, that I do and we all know I’m not shy in that regards. I think it’s healthy and more people should do it but when it comes time to pleasure myself, I like to be in my zone and there is nothing wrong with that . I have my set up … I close the lights, I put on music (cue the Weeknd) and whip out my vibrators … Yes vibrators with an “s”  Not one. But two. I love it. I do it often and it makes me happy…. so being in such an intimate moment, I prefer doing it on my own. Alone.

So back to last night. I was with someone and after having had the best sex we decided to play a little. I decided to take out my vibrators to show him what I used when I wasn’t with a guy. His eyes lit up like a kid in a candy store and he was salivating at the idea that I could potentially masturbate in front of him.

He asked me, “can you show me how you play with yourself?” I surprise myself with my response. Usually an automatic no but for some reason a YES came out of my mouth and a good yes. One that made me happy that he asked me… I was ready to cross that off my bucket list. The masturbate while someone is watching one.

I told him I get in my zone and that I would not be looking at him, he reassured me that I needed to do it exactly how I do it. Pretend that he wasn’t there and to get in my zone. At first I was all giddy, laughing… And that’s what I do when I’m nervous…. and I get nervous A LOT. But once I got over that, I really got into my zone. I started the track OFTEN by the Weeknd, one of my favorites that I masturbate to on a regular basis. I put on my blindfolds to make sure I wouldn’t see him. I turned the vibrator on and slowly brought it to my clit. I was fully naked on my bed and ready to pleasure myself. It took me literally 10 seconds if not less to forget he was there watching. Getting to climax didn’t take very long because of the sex we had prior… I started moaning and my body started twitching and my breathing started to get heavier and I was in a great zone and then it came… Like fireworks. Millions of fireworks… it was the best orgasm. WOW! I honestly think the fact that someone was looking at me and getting aroused by it made me cum even more.

“Thank you for letting me witness the most sensual and sexual thing I have ever seen” You are very welcome and now to check that off my list! What’s next?!….


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