25 – Match : Mr. West coast 

It’s official. I have an addiction to dating apps. Every second or chance I have, I open them all… And if I hear of new dating apps I’m sure to sign up to those as well. What?! I want the best chances on my side, but yes I could put this under my new full time job title: MILF seeking boy toys. 

An online girl friend suggested I look into OKCupid – I had never heard of the site but at the same time I was new at this overly accessible dating technology. I opened the app store and instantly downloaded it to create my account. This app was different then Badoo, Tinder or 3nder – it was a combo of the best features and I liked that. It wasn’t only based on your profile pictures or your very limited interests, you could fill out a full profile description with categories. Sure you’re going to say that no one reads that stuff… but I do, and I sure hope that the person who tries to contact me does as well, otherwise I wasn’t answering him back even if it was just for sex. Plus, you had random questions you could fill out and it calculates the % of your match compatibly vs % of enemy. It made this so call game so much more fun.

Literally 2 minutes – and no, I am not exaggerating… I got a message notification. I open the app, go to my messages and open it “Congratulations or my condolences on the divorce…”

I laughed out loud with the whole house sleeping… that was pretty funny. Talk about a great opening message. I applauded him because he was witty and told him it would get him far in like. His response “Generally wit gets you in the door. BS gets you the rest of the way. Marketing 101” Oh I liked him… he actually took the time to read my profile. He was handsome and conversation flowed. Hello sexy you!


“You are categorically stunning. I’m surprised your not flooded with messages”  Yes yes I do, I created my account at 9:45pm and have gotten 12 messages in that 30 minute time span including his. I guess there are pros and cons to being a girl on a dating site. And of course he instantly responds “Correction pros and cons to be a stunningly beautiful confident girl on a dating site”  Oh he was good. Witty, quick on his toes and knew exactly what to say. I have to admit apart from Mr. Shark it was the first time I actually enjoyed conversations with a guy on a dating site.

The conversation moved quickly, from personal life to expectations and even sexual preferences… He was single two years from a long term relationship (like me) and he was here for a short period of time. He was from the West Coast studying on the East Coast. It was temporary – 4 months or so, therefore this was perfect for me. An unavailable guy. One that I couldn’t fall for because there was nothing there that I could build on. I liked this. I liked him. This was a good match. Thank you OK Cupid.

It was getting late and conversations started to become a little more on the naughtier side. I told him I was to blame for keeping him up late and he corrected me. “No. I’m attracted to you, it’s late and I’m a guy. It’s not rocket science”

Well then Mr. West Coast, how about you give me your Skype account so I can help you out a little?… and I think he hit sent with his username before I even finished my sentence. 3 minutes later, the conversation got a lot more steamer… I sent him a few pictures. Selfies I was getting really good at taking.

“My god. I can not wait to explore every inch of you” My vagina was screaming OUI OUI OUI!
Unfortunately skype would have to do for a while… I was not available for any meet ups for another two weeks. He said he would gladly wait…. Oh what an intense two weeks this would be. My insides were having a party just at the thought of a newcomer…


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