21 – Embracing toys…

Even if my prior 11 year relationship was rather vanilla like, there is one thing I can say thank you to my Ex and that was for introducing me to sex toys. When we started dating – I was 20 and he got me a pink bullet type vibrator. I had never used a vibrator before… to be honest I didn’t masturbate much. I did once in a while in the shower and the shower head & various water jet were my go-to.

He knew I liked pink so it made the gifting a little easier… and we named her. Her? Yes… not sure why. Maybe the pink threw us off. Maybe it was appealing to me… because I also was slightly attracted to women. I used her often and she became my best friend when we were sexually active. She stimulated my clitoris when I would be getting it hard doggy style. It was the best kind of orgasm I could ask for.

Then I attended a sex toy party… and I was introduced to the world of awesome. I realized I liked sex toys. It made the vanilla a little less vanilla so I ended up hosting 4 parties myself. That meant I didn’t need to buy toys. I would get them as gifts for hosting. I had a drawer full… but rarely used them. Sadface.


Newly single… I tried to grab a few of my toys with me when I moved out. I grabbed the ones I could or felt could work. I even took my not-so pink anymore vibrator that was still working. After 11 years. God bless her. But the moment I became single my hormones got out of whack. I was horny all the time. I wanted to masturbate all the time and did 2-4 times a day. It’s what my body was needing and it helped me release some stress… but then, the unimaginable happened…. my vibrating toys died on me. I had used them too much. I burnt their motor. WHO DOES THAT?!  WAS IT EVEN POSSIBLE?

My heart broke… shattered in pieces. Because I could never get off with just my fingers. I needed something battery operated. I felt lost. I knew I had to buy new toys eventually but didn’t think I needed to make my decision so quickly. How to know what to get? I searched the web, but the possibilities were endless. I felt overwhelmed and my vagina was screaming at me to get one fast.

Then a few girl friends suggested the original Hitachi Magic Wand. I did not know about this wand but with the word Magic in it… it seemed promising. The ratings were off the charts and while the electrical cord might seem unappealing to some… it meant no more battery changes or vibrators dying on you in the middle of playing with yourself. I did it, I got it… and I couldn’t wait to get the package in the mail.

The package arrived 1.5 weeks later and I used it that night… I was shocked by how big it was. But alas… you can’t say no to high voltage. Two speeds. But I only used the lower speed (which really wasn’t slow) and it felt amazing. Only clitoris stimulating – so the penetration part is liking on that end… but boy does it get the job done. You can climax in 20 seconds or have multiple orgasms. Though to be honest it takes me anywhere from 5-10 minutes to climax – but that’s because I need both penetration and clitoral stimulation. BUT what I love about it is that its strong enough to get you off with your clothes on. Oh the lazy in me is smiling… and I’ve been having 2-3 orgasms a day. Ahhhhhhh bliss.

I still need to find a vibrator seeing the Magic Wand is first and foremost a massager turned into a vibrator… and well the head is too large for any sort of penetration. So the search continues. I think I will actually have an adventure at the sex shop. Should be interesting… Maybe get some butt plugs, and maybe some more kinky stuff. I wanted to have tied up and blindfolded sex so maybe I could look into that.

Ah masturbation… can’t live without it. Just like I can’t live without my toys…


2 thoughts on “21 – Embracing toys…

  1. Haha, I totally have broken a vibrator before too. Funny that you named yours with a female name… I did that as well! My partner and I like referring to her like, “Let’s go get XX” or “Can XX come?”


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