19 – There’s an app for that?

Even though I was chatting with a couple of guys at the same time, I was still searching and wanting more. I hadn’t found what I was looking for, but then again, I don’t think it was something you could find in just 1 guy. But I also felt my list wasn’t getting checked off fast enough. Patient? Not so much.

On the top of my sexapades bucket list there was both types of threesome on there. I didn’t expect to get those done right away, but maybe starting to think about it would be a good thing.  While I was pretty certain I could get two guys to participate in a threesome, finding another girl would be more complex.

I was searching the net for some random non sexual thing and I saw an ad for 3nder. Yes, it’s exactly what you think… Tinder for those looking for a party of 3 (or more). Yes, it actually exists and I was so excited. Downloaded the app and created my profile. While it uses Facebook to verify to make sure you are a real person, the idea of having Facebook friends see I was on there didn’t appeal to me. Thank goodness for their incognito option – hide yourself from friends and family. Smart move 3nder.

The app works the same way as Tinder does, instead you swipe up of down in this app. Then once you get a match you can start chatting with the person / couple.  I knew if I didn’t start planning my threesome, they would most probably fall between the cracks and would never happen… so I started swiping.


I saw all sort of people on there. Single girls & guys who like me were searching for a couple for a threesome, Couples looking for a third, S & M couples dressed up in all leather for the more risqué types… alas a purely sex matching app.

Finding  a match didn’t take a long time. Honestly, I was a little less selective because I knew that images on there weren’t representative. Profiles had fake alias names and almost no info in their bio. It would happen out of the app, via text messages or email. I got matched with a few couples. One couple I started talking didn’t work out. While they were super sweet, I wasn’t what they were looking for physically. Another couple, I didn’t get turned on by the girl… and to me, in a FFM threesome the woman is really important. I need to be attracted to her and it wasn’t in this case.

I didn’t lose hope as it was something I was working on down the road…. so I knew something would pop up eventually. How did people do in prior to apps? Get drunk and ask the classic “wanna have a threesome” question? Maybe I should have a drinking party? Kidding. I much preferred hiding behind a iPhone. Less awkward and I could easily not talk to someone if I didn’t feel like it would work out.

“You have a match” – oh … let’s see. It was a single guy and he was very good-looking. Figured he was looking for sex so why not strike up a conversation with him. Let’s call him Mr. Hotstuff and not even 15 minutes later we were exchanging photos and videos on our iPhones… oh I liked him! And Hotstuff was a perfect name for him…


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