18 – Date No. 2 with Mr. Greek Geek

While things didn’t start off very sex oriented, conversations with Mr. Greek Geek did a massive 360 and became oh so hot. I could feel how his lack of sex played a toll on him just by the way he chatted with me. His description of what he would do to me left me wet every single time.

“I want to rip off your clothes and pin you to the wall, tease you by exploring every inch of your body with my tongue”  YES YES YES – that’s what I’ve been wanting from day one of my single life. I wanted a guy to take control, dominate me and do things to me that would leave me wanting more. Maybe not to the extent of 50 Shades of Grey, but I won’t lie there are things that Mr.Grey did in that book, I would want to have done to me as well.

We had set a coffee date. We got there late because he had plumbing issues at home. I told him we could reschedule but he didn’t want. He wanted to see me. So I didn’t say no. I got there before him and of course started playing with my iPhone, yes you guess it … my Tinder app. He greeted me with a kiss on the cheek, I wasn’t expecting that… asked what I wanted and got my beverage.

I analyzed him. He was wearing his track suit again. Seriously… I need to have a talk with him. That shit ain’t sexy. I mean grey jogging pants are 100 times better but alas… I felt he was stuck in the 90s, no sense for fashion but then I remembered he’s an engineer.  A workaholic – so fashion wasn’t his forte.

We sipped on our coffees while chatting, but he kept staring at me. Made me feel slightly uncomfortable but I brushed it off. He kissed me. Went for tongue and all. In public. OH HELL NO! That did not just happen! There is this unspoken rule. Signs of affection in public is relationship worthy. Not sex date worthy. I made that shit clear ASAP.

The coffee shop was closing up and we weren’t even done our coffees. So we decided to go in my car to continue chatting. The chatting didn’t last very long. Every time I would start talking, he would lean over to kiss me. Guess he didn’t want me to talk.  I started my car, and parked in a more secluded area. I knew we would be playing …


I was excited at the thought that we were in a car. I had never done anything in a car before. I had tried in the past but it never worked out (lack of leg room) but maybe this time around would be different.  It was minus 20 degrees Celsius (-4 F) so I kept the car rolling. I was certainly not getting naked in those conditions. I needed heat. Even if the chemistry between us was HOT.

He smelled so good. Made his neck that much more inviting. I loved kissing it, slight nibble and my breathing would make him twitch… What I loved the most was his touch. It had the capacity to be full-fledged aggressive and it was HOT or it could be sooo soft it would give me goosebumps. The two extremities in a matter of seconds is what turned me on more than anything. I loved the unexpected… and I seriously wanted to jump on him and ride him.

I placed my hands on his track pants and made my way to his package… mmmm might I add, it was nice. Hard. Big and rather inviting. I actually moved on over to the passenger seat and sat on him. Our lips would lock and we would make out passionately. His hands would touch my body in every way they could… they found their way to my bra. Unclasped it and removed my shirt at the same time.

There I was topless. On him. In my car. And the sheer satisfaction that was plastered on his face made me giggle. “You are way too beautiful, I love your body, it’s perfect” Talk about a confidence boost. Always nice to hear. I was polite and said a shy thank you. It was getting hot in my car. The sexual tension was there. He asked me to turn around… (a pretty complicated task in a car) and he started touching me… oh it felt nice. I welcomed his fingers. He was surprised – I was really wet. The sensation of him kissing my neck while fingering me was amazing… I wanted more. I moaned. It was great to have someone new playing with me.

In return, I carefully placed my hand in his pants… he said “Softly, I haven’t been touched in a long time” He was definitely excited but concentrated too. I guess he wanted to make the moment last or try not to cum prematurely. I turned around and sat on him again… this time I was naked. He enjoyed every second of it… and I was excited. I couldn’t believe I would greet another penis. I knew it would be great… the chemistry was so hot… my car windows were all fogged up.

I was ready. He was ready. I grabbed a condom from my purse and he slipped it on slowly. I couldn’t believe this was finally going to happen. I asked him if he was ready, and he started to make out with me…. I slipped on. “Oh fuck!” um… oh fuck what?! “I just cummed, finished – I’m so sorry” What?! I didn’t even fully slip on. I didn’t even get to ride you for 2 seconds.  “I know… I promise it won’t be like that next time around. You just are too beautiful I was way too excited, just the touch of you made me … ” I wasn’t angry at the situation.. just a little in disbelief. I knew sex would be fucking amazing with him, and then it got ruined. Sure you can pull the, at least guys go nuts for you card… but I mean I wanted to fuck and fuck hard. At that instant and it wasn’t going to happen. Crap. My insides cried a little. I won’t lie.

I got dressed, drove him back to his car and went home. Took out my vibrator and finished the job that clearly was not close to being finished. I really hope this isn’t how my life will be from now on. Small dicks, no hard-ons or premature cum. I wanted sex. I wanted to fuck. Simple … no? and while my vibrator and I have daily meetings, let’s be honest it’s not a cock.


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