17 – Enough with the oversharing

Let me start this off by saying I am an over sharer by nature. I am an open book and I think this blog is proof of that. But there are what we can call limits. There are things I do not want to see and I think it’s smart to actually address this today. Since my singledom, I have been active on dating sites (apps) – and while my quest for sex has not been a secret… BUT there are ways to go about it.

I won’t flat out write in my profile bio “MILF looking for sex” lets be honest, I’m a little more subtle then that. It reads “Newly single mama of 2” if you don’t get the meaning behind it being “I am NOT looking for a relationship, but hit me up for some sexy chat” Then you are not the guy I am interested in. Read between the lines. I am not just first degree! I like to be a little more mysterious then that.

Some guys understood that rather quickly, as their second question was “What are you looking for here?” Flat out. Straight to the point. I like that… and I gave them an honest response every time. Shock is a good adjective. They never expected sex to come out of the chat 15 seconds into the conversation. As soon as the word sex came about, the following question was “What to continue via text?” (which reads : lets send each other pictures) Sure… let’s do this.


Guys, you need to understand women. We do not act on impulse like you do. We are not making decisions based on our dick (or should I say vagina) We are more emotional. We like sexy talk but with a little twist to it, if I can say it like that. I won’t lie, I practiced talking body selfies because I knew guys would want to get turned on by me, even if I was on the other end of the phone.  I knew what they wanted. But I had also set limits. I would be okay sharing lips/mouth, breasts, thighs/legs, me in undies and butt pictures… but I had one rule. I would never show below the belt. That was reserved for the lucky ones who would actually penetrate me. Gotta keep some sort of mystery. I’m an open book… not an open vagina for the world to see.

I usually teased the guys first. Sent dressed pictures of me but still very sexy. Letting their minds do the imagination of what was behind the clothes I was wearing. It drove them nuts. And I loved it. It was my mission… to make them as hard as possible with the littlest skin showing. I was good with words too. I learned exactly how to talk to them. Majority of the time, I would send the pictures. I told them I didn’t need to see anything, other than a picture of their face (you need to clarify that). What got me excited was knowing what they would do to me. I didn’t need more than that.

With all the guys I chatted with (and trust me there are way more then worth blogging about)  8 out of 10 times I would get a picture. Of their cock. Their hand holding it. Their pre-cum. Them in the mirror. Videos of playing with themselves. Them with they man toys. Them finishing off. Let me get something straight. Let me say this loud and clear…


I’m sorry for the all caps, but its worth being bolded, highlighted and put on a fucking flashing screen for guys to get the picture. Even when you tell them they don’t listen. I tell them flat out “Please don’t send me dick pics” It’s fucking annoying and I am pretty sure girls can relate. Majority of the time it’s a turn off! Girls don’t dig that shit, even if they say they do. We are trying to be polite. Don’t do it. Ever. You’re dick is not something pretty. We like the sensation it gives us… when inside of us. But that’s about it.

If you are visual, then maybe you should take a look at this video. Because clearly words don’t seem to do squat.

I tried various times to demystify why guys do this. I’ve asked guys, and their response “Because they want to see naked pictures of you!” Well, that would be true if I HADN’T SENT THEM PICTURES ALREADY?!… so really, why send a dick pick when I clearly state I don’t want to see your cock. Be a little more attentive guys. Because when you will be fucking me, if you are lucky to get that point and I tell you want I want you to do with me and you don’t listen…. you ain’t getting a blowjob.


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