16 – Mr. Unfinished business

I heard my Facebook messenger notification sound again “ding” – Who could that be? I grabbed my phone to check… Oh … it’s another guy from high school – Mr. Unfinished Business (explanation will come shortly). What’s up with the high school dudes… seemed so odd to me. Its been over 17 years. Am I still someone they think about after all these years? Do they see me as a land body of opportunity?

He started up conversation asking how I was doing. He had gone through a divorce himself, and while he had no kids he knew the logistics and how it can be a royal pain in the ass. He asked me if things were moving along but alas… my life was hell… but at least I was FINALLY getting good sex. It didn’t take 5 seconds to continue the conversation with “You’re a HPOA (hot piece of ass)” Why thank you Mr. Unfinished Business… I knew where this was going. He had a girlfriend, but the teenager in him wanted to finish what we had started 14 years ago….

It was summer of 2001 if my memory recalls properly, and a bunch of girlfriends and I went to the beach. It was a beautiful day. Perfect to sip on drinks and tan. We got up early, got there early and the fun started early. It was basically our second home – we were at the beach as many times as we could and it ended up being a high school/college reunion – beach edition. Many of the guys I had gone to school with would show up there too. Some we would acknowledge, others we would not, and Mr. Unfinished Business was there… 2/3 of the times I happen to be as well.

In high school, Mr. Unfinished Business wanted me to dump my first love to be with him. I always said no. He wasn’t my type and just didn’t do it for me. So I guess he made it his mission. That day at the beach, I drank vodka. In the sun. I was a little too happy, and he flirted with me, like he’s done for years. This time was different though. My guard was down and I was in a ‘let’s have fun mood’. He grabbed my hand and we walked to the forest behind the beach. We found a nook and we started to make out. What was I doing?! He had a girlfriend, but I wanted this so bad. I never did anything with anyone, I was 18… acting like a rebel and loving it. I touched his torso and felt the coconut tanning spray under my fingers. He grabbed my face. Paused. Looked at me in what seemed like disbelief and brought my lips to his. He took his other hand and moved my bikini triangle aside. Grabbed my breast and put it in his mouth. At the same time I felt something down below. I was wet but my wetness was greeted by his fingers. Within seconds he was fingering me. I moaned instantly by the sensation it gave me. I touched him and he wanted more… but I couldn’t go further. He had a girlfriend. I did not want to be labeled a home wrecker – even if what I was doing was just that. I stopped him. Told him it was enough and just like that I went back to see my friends on the beach. Tease, I know.

For years when I would cross paths with him, he would always ask me “Want to come to the bathroom with me?”  Thanks but no thanks. While we most certainly had unfinished business I was in no way interested. I was in a relationship. He had a girlfriend. I just didn’t do that.


“How’s the single life treating you?” – so far, I can’t complain. Enjoying every second of it. Let’s just say I’m busy. I don’t even recall how this conversation gravitated to exchanging pictures but it did. And while he had a girlfriend, once again (I guess they never change) I couldn’t give a shit. Hey I’m honest!

“We need to take care of this discreetly… our unfinished business behind the trees” yup, clearly he has not forgotten even 14 years later. I sent him a tasteful picture… to tease him once again. And he was dying. “Now I know what you look like while a taste your vagina” I warned him… many times that he should not be doing this. That he had a girlfriend and his non cheating streak had been awesome. We agreed… but I knew he would be back. Temptation is a strong feeling my friends and he’s been wanting me for over 17 years. I doubt he would leave the door of opportunity closed.

“Stay single” he said… “You will not regret it, you’re a MILF and this is just the start…”  I guess he knew was he was talking about… because it was indeed just starting…


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