15 – Date no. 1 with Mr. Shark

From the day I was matched with Mr. Shark we chatted every single day. There was something fun about him. Conversations could be stupid funny to really serious and while I was on the search for good sex, I could easily be friends with some of the guys along the way. Right?

Being attracted to someone doesn’t only apply to looks. Mr. Shark was not necessarily a hottie, but he was smart. Street smart and funny as hell. You want to get in my pants, humor will get me every time. Got that boys?! We understood each other well, we laughed at the same things and it was just easy. You know when conversations are forced sometimes, or there are some awkward moments… that’s not something that happened with Mr. Shark and I… we were a team! And we rocked.

After about 3 weeks of talking and failed attempts to meet up, we finally decided to set a day for our Date No. 1. While he knew the reason we started talking, I knew he didn’t want me to just be a vagina. We had this thing going on and it was fun. The friendship we developed even without seeing each other was hard to explain.


When it came time to figure out what we would do, I talked about a massage because I really needed one. The stress I was living at the moment ruined my back / neck and I needed a good massage. When I said that, I did not expect him to respond to it whatsoever “Want to go do a couples massage?” Wait what?! We ain’t no couple. We have never met. And I will be naked under a cover next to you. Sounds fun to me. I called and made reservations.

When I told my friends I was going to the spa/massage with a guy I never met. They didn’t understand the logic. There is nothing to understand. It’s all about going with the flow, doing the unexpected and having fun. If the date failed miserably during a massage when we weren’t even touching… Hell, Sex was NOT going to happen.


I arrived before him. Waiting. At the spa. For a guy I had never met before. “Ding” … I look at my phone “Listen, I’ll be a little, late I slept in…”  I wanted to kill him. But as I was typing my response to give him my not so impressed speech, he was walking in the door. phew.  Glad I didn’t hit send. Funny funny Mr. Shark.

We filled out the paper work, changed into nothing and waited in the waiting room to be called for our massage. He looked at me. I smiled. We tried talking but before we knew it it was time to get our massage. I got completely undressed and lied on my stomach under the covers. He didn’t look. Which was kinda cute – but really if we would have sex he’d see much more then me. Then it was his turn… The masseuses came in. I wished him a good massage and there I was getting pounded (not sexually ) next to a guy I had never met. Interesting it was.

After an hour we were done. It felt nice. But now it was time to get into our bathing suits and enjoy the pool. I was more nervous him seeing me in my bathing suit then naked. Don’t ask me how that works. I have no clue. It was a cold winter day. Sunny skies and the hot water felt nice. We talked and he was exactly what I had expected him to be. He made me laugh. So much that I got warned by the spa police “shhhhh, please be quiet” – clearly not the best place for a first date. We decided going to eat might be easier for our conversation.

The food was awesome. Asian. Conversation was great. Flowing just like our chats. I was a good public to his jokes and he liked that.  We had good chemistry – he got me. I got him. It was like we were long lost friends – it was weird but awesome. Hard to describe really.

I could see us as sex partners. I just knew that it was bound to be a good time. I’ve never had someone make me laugh so much. And it’s what I needed. I needed him.

It wouldn’t be for another month until we set date no. 2 – aka the sex date but the month leading to that was awesome. Still chatting every day. Even funnier because now I had met him. And he shared my love for unicorns. Match made in heaven 😉


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