14 – Match : Mr. Greek Geek

Even though I was getting some, I was still very active on dating apps. I had a bucket list I wanted to go through and you just know when a guy is the right type of guy to help you go through it. Mr. Macaron was more of a lovely dovey, funny type of guy. Sex was amazing but he wasn’t going to be the guy to pin me to the wall or tie me up. So the search continued.

I was matched with Mr. Greek Geek. He was older than me. An engineer, so he had the brains. He was divorced sans kids and plunged himself into work after his relationship. He hadn’t been with someone even sexually for 9 months. Not even a kiss. We chatted back and forth about both our situations – but while we talked about sex… it wasn’t like with the other guys. It just seemed like conversation. I wouldn’t get excited about it or want to send him naked pictures of me. Hmmm… that seemed odd?

I didn’t want to waste my time chatting endless with a guy just because he was nice. I had a mission and my time was very limited. I figured texting might not be true to the chemistry we could/could not have, so we decided to set an afternoon dessert date. I had a horrible weekend – all my “dates” cancelled on me and I was really hoping he wouldn’t do the same. I got there before him, and continued to swipe left or right (yes… while I was waiting for a date. I told you I didn’t waste any time)


He arrived gave me two kisses on my cheeks. I analyzed him. He arrived in a track suit and a schoolbag. Really?! I did not find that sexy or appealing what so ever “Sorry for my attire, I just came back from the gym”. Really?! Oh how I felt I was important.  I’m the gym aftermath. We looked at the menu and ordered. We talked for about 1 hour. Conversation was nice and it wasn’t about sex. He couldn’t stop staring at me. Kinda made me uncomfortable at one point so he cut me off to say “You are truly a gorgeous woman. I am in awe that you are even sitting in front of me” Thanks! Now I’m even more uncomfortable. I’ve always had a hard time accepting compliments. Working on that.

He had to go back to work. On a Sunday. Paid for the bill and apologized for cutting our date short. I didn’t mind, it made it so much less official and I still had time to do something of my Sunday afternoon. That night we chatted some more and that’s when things started getting hot. He was cute, regardless of the track suit and I felt we could be good sexual partners so I figured it was maybe a good idea to test drive him. We exchanged pictures and talked about what he would do to me. He would be the type to dominate and pin me to the wall. Exactly what I was looking for.

We set a date for the following week. A sex date… and the idea of sleeping with another guy excited me. I needed to up my numbers. In 1 month I only slept with 1 guy. (Could have been 3 – but those failed) I wanted to hit 10 by my 32nd birthday. Goals. They are important.

“I can’t wait to taste you, touch you and tease you… I will make your body quiver” He knew how to talk to me. At first I was afraid, but the sex talk with Mr. Greek Geek was hot and intense. “Wear work clothes… it turns me on” I knew role-playing would be a go with him. Another thing on my list. Our “coffee date” couldn’t come fast enough. I was ready to greet a new cock …


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