9 – Date No. 1 with Mr. Macaron


Today was THE day!!! The day I would finally pop my single mama cherry. I was so excited for what was about to come. I think I took a 45 min shower to make sure I properly prepped myself. Made sure I shaved all the areas that needed much love and care to make me presentable. But then I remembered he was french – and the french have a love relationship with hair so even if I missed a patch I was good to go!

I felt confident that this would actually happen and I felt like a giddy 16 year old. Like it would be my first time. Well technically it would be, post separation. I got dressed but actually took forever to decide what to wear. Then it hit me, who cares?! the clothes were coming off anyway… so jeans and a basic tee it was. I made sure I was matching – black was the color I decided to go with.

I rang the doorbell and he buzzed me in. At this exact moment, when I should of felt nervous, I was just the opposite of that. Cool, calm and collected. I was in control and I loved it. It was very foreign to me. But maybe this was how my new sexual self would feel. He greeted me with a smile and we sat on the couch while the television was playing in the background.


We talked about anything and everything for about 25 mins. It was nice. I felt comfortable around him. He made me laugh and I liked that. He finally leaned over to kiss me but just before says “I hope I will not be your third victim.. you have this venom effect on guys and their dicks” – I laughed uncontrollably. That was the funniest thing I had heard and I love that he was able to laugh about it. At that moment I knew everything would go smoothly… and I was kinda happy that the other two guys failed. You know when they say everything happens for a reason.

We kissed passionately and he placed his hand between my legs… I was wet. Just by a simple touch.  Call me the ticking time bomb – I was ready to explode!!! Still dressed at this point, he took my hand and brought me to his room. Lights were dim, and the bed was a bachelor bed. Pillows not necessarily placed properly but we were going to mess up the bed anyways so it didn’t matter. I lied down on the bed, him over me and we continued to kiss. He moved his hands to untie my jeans and lowered my zipper.

My heart was going at 100 miles an hour. He took off my skinnies and took my shirt off. He paused. Looked at me and had this small grin on his face. He clearly liked the view. I was not used to being look at like that. But I liked it. I took off his shirt and pants. There we were both in our undergarments. Ready for the next step. He starts saying outloud “No. 1 – No blowjob, No. 2 – Condom (obviously) No. 3…” I was confused. “What are you doing?!” I asked him. “I’m making sure I don’t screw up, I’m going over your rules” hahah…. this guy is a keeper!

He put his hand over my thong and slowly moved it to the side slowly placing his fingers on my lips. I was wet. More then wet. And he loved it. I was ready more then anything and the anticipation was killing me. With the other hand he unclasped my bra. And within a few seconds I was completely naked on the bed. I pulled off his boxer briefs, he puts on a condom… and then it happens.

He slips in, while he’s kissing me… it was the best feeling ever. Like fireworks. My insides were happy – happy to be greeted with a male penis. The sex was intense. It was hot and I loved it. Missionary, Cowgirl, Doggie style… we did it all. It was fabulous. It lasted about 35 mins…. and wait for it, we climaxed at the same time. That was the cherry on top.

“Phew, I broke your spell… I was afraid there for a while…” hahahha funny funny.
The sex was glorious. I liked this guy and decided he would become my regular. I asked him if he was interested. He looked at me and said “Who would say no to that?!” … “Deal! See you tomorrow then for round 2!” I said with a grin.

I got in my car. With the biggest smile on my face. I DID IT! I finally had sex and I couldn’t wait until I had some more.


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