7 – Match : Mr. Macaron

After two failed matches, I was hopeful for the third. Sure there’s the expression never two without three, but I refused to apply that to my sex life. I mean there was bound to be a guy who wanted to have sex with zero complications. Well I hoped so anyway. My third match was a french guy who we shall name Mr. Macaron. The name suits him quite well… A Parisian chocolatier with a background in pastry making…. yes, this is not a joke. I am not pulling your leg, this could be a scene taken from the Johnny Depp movie Chocolat. I know you are dying to know if there is chocolate in this story… I’m not there yet people. Patience.

What was different about this guy, was that he was just that… French. The other two disastrous matches were English – and well we know that didn’t work out so well. I was hopeful. Maybe french guys actually get shit done. Only time would tell.

We exchanged a few messages back and forth and I liked where it was going. I was transparent as I am always about how I was just looking for sex. No attachments. I even discussed my other matches, that well… ended in a horrible way and that I was discouraged. He said not to worry… he would pick up the slack where the other two clearly didn’t deliver.


We had set a Wednesday ‘coffee date’ or how I like to call it … the sex interview. I needed to see these guys before the actual date for two reasons. 1- being to see if they actually look like their profile, 2- to see if I had an interest of going further with them. While sure I’ve been dying to have sex and not getting any – I still wanted to be the one to choose because it was my body and I wasn’t going to let ANYONE in. My vajayjay is precious territory.

I decided that Wednesday was too far away (impatient much) so I decided to pass by his house on monday for a quick 15 mins stop to check him out. (yes, he gave me his address – so that alone was comforting). I messaged him that I was here and came down. Opened the door to my car and sat down…. Cue awkward 2 seconds.

He was cute. Looked like on his profile and he was indeed Parisian – hello adorable french accent. He told me I looked better than I did on my profile pictures so that was nice to hear. We spoke for about 15 mins and we both knew this meant that we would be going further. So we made a rendez-vous for the next day. YAY!!! I will be getting laid. I just hoped it would actually happen this time.

I felt confident though, with this little french macaron dude. He was sweet, talking with him was easy and we seem to hit it off. Would he become by regular FWB? (friends with benefits) I needed a regular dude in my life, and I could most certainly see him become it. Especially seeing he lived close to where I lived… how convenient 😉


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