6 – Match : Mr. Persuasive Small D

My second tinder match was a persuasive one. I was matched with him not long after I was with the Ex-Military dude but I didn’t want to do anything until I had sex with at least one. But after having a what we can call a tinder fail, I was a little more cautious about my expectations.

I decided to start up conversation again and even talked about Ex-Military dude to Mr. Persuasive Small D. I figured I had nothing to lose and really… what guy turns down a girl like that? It got me so confused. Mr. PSD explained that it does happen, and that my confidence was rather intimidating. OH GREAT!

He did reassure me that it wouldn’t happen with him. That he could never not do anything to me sitting next to him. He told me I was beautiful, smart and funny …  Thank you Mr. PSD you certainly know how to make a girl feel good about her shattered self-esteem.


I was at a friends party, on a Saturday night and while we had never met he wanted to meet up with me. I was hesitant but he was persuasive (hence his name) and said, even if it was for just 15 mins, even if it just meant one kiss. I finally caved in, so he met me where I was and I left the party for about 45 mins.

I get in his car, cue awkward moment – and we start talking about random stuff that I could not even remember (that’s how unimportant it was). I looked at him. He was cute but shorter then I thought. (note: ask guys their height when exchanging in tinder conversations… Because I like to wear heels and having a guy the same height is officially not my thing) After about 15 mins into our conversation, he came towards me, grabbed my face and kissed me. HE WAS MY FIRST KISS…. after my separation. And those lips. YUM!

Okay, that was fun! I wanted more but I couldn’t. I had to go back to the party like nothing happened. Then I get a text message at midnight “My plans got canceled, if you don’t finish too late, want to come over?”  The old me would of said nah, I’m going to bed. But then the little voice in my head bitch slapped me and said “What are you doing?! This is exactly what you want, what you are looking for… GO FOR IT!” So I replied. “What’s your address? I’ll be there in 1 hour” – this shit was getting real.

I arrive at his place. It was late. No lights. Everyone was sleeping. (yes this guy, younger then me still lived at his parents, luckily he had his own space in the basement – but still, not the ideal situation) I sat on the couch, next to him, we were watching videos on youtube. 15 mins passed, 30 mins passed and then I started to worry that this would be a repeat of Ex-Military. He looked at me and then grabbed my face and made out with me. Not long after I was on him, and pieces of clothing were coming off…

I was naked. On the couch. The first guy to see me butt naked. It was all about foreplay. And boy was it ever intense. But when I was finally ready… ready to actually have sex, things went downhill from there. I hand him a condom, because he did not have one (grrrr) and it just didn’t work.

Already he had a small dick – and I don’t discriminate on size… but he wasn’t hard. No hard-on. And a small dick. WTF is going on here?! I am naked. And you are not hard. Unbelievable! When I was seeing things were going no where, I slowly got dressed and left.

Could this possibly be how my sex life will be from now on? Guys who back out, guys who can’t get hard? I mean clearly there’s a guy out there who’s dying to have their dick in my vagina?! No?!

At this point I was laughing… because what else could I do. I went home. Slept like a baby. Woke up sore as hell (who knows what went on there… I felt like he flipped my insides but it was amazing) and then I hear a “ding” on my iPhone.  It was Mr. Persuasive Small D(ick) asking me how I was doing.

I wasn’t sure if I should respond. Did I want to disappear, or did I want to give him another chance?
I opened up my Tinder app and started swiping again…


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