3 – The sexapade bucket list

Coming from a very limited sexual background, I have to say that my sex life was what you called pretty vanilla-like. To be honest, I actually didn’t enjoy sex and never understood those who had it more than once a week. It didn’t make sense to me… it seemed too intense – I’m sure others can relate.

Having had only 2 partners (one being my husband of 11 years) and the other my first sex experience (which we can all agree isn’t the best sex in the world) I was basically clueless about the sex world. Sure I kissed many guys, even fooled around with some… but I never had a one night stand because I made up these ridiculous rules. It’s safe to say that being single in your thirties, I’m almost what you’d call a reborn virgin.

I have a huge desire to explore my sexuality and break all those ridiculous rules I had set up for myself in my teenage years. I want to try it all… (almost all of it) because I do not want to have these prefabricated opinions or say I don’t like something without ever trying it. So I decided to make a sex bucket list. Some from the very mundane to the over top fantasies… having goals and things to check off my list makes the planner in me happy.


The sexapade bucket list

  • Oral Orgasm (yes… no joke, I never had this)
  • Car sex
  • Shower sex
  • Bath Sex
  • Pool / Hot Tub Sex
  • Motel / Hotel Sex
  • Phone / Skype Sex
  • Sex standing up against a wall
  • Tied up sex
  • Light Choking / Spanking
  • Blindfolded
  • Feather ticklers
  • Period sex
  • Sex with food (chocolate, whip cream etc.)
  • Sex in a public place
  • Sex at a drive-in
  • A quickie in a skirt / dress
  • Sex in the rain
  • Using ice sexually
  • Silent sex in a full house
  • Mile-high club
  • Be a voyeur and watch others having sex
  • Stripe tease (with stripper pole)
  • Double penetration
  • Altered Sex (whether by alcohol or something else)
  • Sex with someone much older
  • Sex with someone younger (more than 5 years)
  • One-on-one with a Girl
  • Female / Female / Male Threesome
  • Female / Male / Male Threesome
  • Group Sex (4 or more)
  • Role play (still undecided which type)

Now while this list seems to include a whole lot  – I don’t expect to get them all crossed off. I will most certainly work towards getting those done. There might be some obvious ones that are missing (anal sex) … but that’s because I have done those and my list is purely what I have not done.

I’m probably missing a few… I’ll add them on if it comes back to me.
But I will update the page in the menu with what I have done and whats left on the list.


3 thoughts on “3 – The sexapade bucket list

  1. My name is Cami. I am a co-creator of Woman Evolving. We have a podcast community and I would love to interview you at some point regarding how women can discover themselves sexually after divorce. Many of us have transitioned from orthodox religion, so married or single, we are going through our own self-exploration. Feel free to contact me. Best of luck!


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