2 – Tinder? Please explain

Even though I left my husband at the beginning of the year, it has been a long time reflection and my heart was already in a place many cannot comprehend. My body was still present, but my mind and heart were not.  So when I found myself to be a newly single mama of two after being in an 11 year relationship… I felt lost, but excited at the same time. Actually freedom is a much better adjective.


Being a pretty active on social media, anything dating / sex related was foreign for me. I mean, last time I dated Facebook didn’t exist (yes its been THAT long) And finding someone to enjoy drinks with or hang out needed to be done the old fashion way. But then, thank you Jimmy Fallon, there was the mention of Tinder. Tinder? I had no idea what this was all about. Clearly I’m wasn’t part of the cool kids.

But hey, I own an iPhone, I like social media and I wanted to have some fun… so how hard could this be? I downloaded the app and created my profile. The process is simply (and very much based on looks) Swipe left if you aren’t interested and swipe right if you are. Then when you have a match (both swiped right) then you can start chatting.

Not even 15 mins after creating my Tinder profile, I hear the Facebook messagener ‘ding’ – I check out who it is and to my surprise its a guy who we shall name- highschool bro’ player. While we’ve been facebook friends for years, we never really ‘spoke’. I found that really odd timing. Or coincidence maybe?

After some back and forth messaging it became clear to me that his intentions weren’t just to say a hello. But how the hell did he know I was single? I made sure to keep that off Facebook for a few months…. but then it became apparent

Besides… You don’t need Tinder to play with me
Now that you’re single you should def come over

Yup! Straight to the point, an I wanna fuck you message. I died… not even 15 mins into my newly ‘single I’m ready to have fun’ I already had 1 guy lined up. While he is a HPOA (hot piece of ass) I was not ready for him to be my third. Talk about pressure – geeze. I needed practice first. Get to know my body and what I liked and disliked… but hey… I knew that 1 (HOT) guy wanted me so that was a good sign. The outlook was positive… Yup… then the Tinder notifications rolled in “IT’S A MATCH” “send message? or keep playing? “

I’ll keep playing thank you very much!


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